Time Doesn't Wait To Hustle

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Adios LA from Christopher Szadkowski on Vimeo.

Produced by Jon Jackson from MTTV I thought this was just a dope way to leave your city a celebrate a new one....

8-bit Jesus Piece

Two years ago I presented the Good Wood Jesus pieces and they blew up a year later. However not knocking the brand but like Jay said "I'm addicted to this fly shit" not by the say company but this new Digi Jesuse piece by Akcent Pieces was just to ill to not put up. I love everything new, creative, and inventive that sticks with the original form but goes way left is just history to me. You can order these pieces at akcentpieces@gmail.com they are still underground so Get on game before somebody else does...

XV: Smallville

The homie XV has really been under the radar lately and all do respect i can't say that he is yet a classical artist but he is finding his own way and do his own thing. I'm started to vibe with his music though keep doing your thing homie if you feeling this and want more from the homie get "Vizzy Zone"

at http://rapradar.com/2010/09/09/new-mixtape-xv-vizzy-zone/

Wiz Khalifa x Short Dogg: On My Level

On My Level by Wiz Khalifa Ft. Too Short from on Vimeo.

Recently I thought the homie Wiz was slacking a bit on his game but as soon as i take my eye off the homie he never cease to amaze me by putting back out that G-music I can really vibe with...I'm highly anticipating his new drop "Rolling Papers" and "High School"...Be clear it's "TAYLOR MADE All YEAR"

Thursday, January 27, 2011

STALLEY: SLAP Featuring Rasad

STALLEY - "SLAPP" from on Vimeo.

Now this new homie Stalley is steadily putting out quality dope music...At first i was going to skip pass the trip because of the reuse of the homie Wiz track but when he dropped the verse and the beat switched up i couldn't do nothing but follow be on the look out for his album soon to drop "Intelligent Trunk Music"

FAM-LAY Back In Full Effect

Fam-Lay - YOUINSTANTLY from Illusive Media on Vimeo.

I was talking to my boy the other day about what ever happened to FAM-LAY the homie is more rare than a Nas album, but with singles...Whelp i guess he at it again the track is quite ill hopefully he puts out a mixtape this time....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I just love when VANS come out with some dope color ways this just make my closet look better and my wardrobe ten times nicer... These are a definitely a need to have for the spring and summer.

Nesby Phips: The Catchup

I can't say anymore then the Big homie has been putting out quality music for some years now you might catch him more so producing than rapping and if you really want to know who the Big Homie is he produce "Prioritize" of Pilot Talk.

check out the mixtape at http://limelinx.com/files/03552dedc195c286d816b4acb8394ed8

Kendrick Lamar previews new tracks:Vanity Slave pt. 2 feat. Gucci Mane and Top Sercet feat. J. Cole

I been on this kid for years and anything he puts out i'm willing to cosign on...The funny thing about it, is he is from Cali and i been putting Cali homies on him. I'm going to dub him "The Next Pac of Cali" already, his lyrical content is far past anyone who is in the game now....Keep doing your thing homie....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hot Sugar: Music Making


Usually on my searching the internet I always run by some dope artist doing something very creative to display themselves...This really caught my eye, rather my ears its dope the play of sounds is just genius....