Time Doesn't Wait To Hustle

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Adios LA from Christopher Szadkowski on Vimeo.

Produced by Jon Jackson from MTTV I thought this was just a dope way to leave your city a celebrate a new one....

8-bit Jesus Piece

Two years ago I presented the Good Wood Jesus pieces and they blew up a year later. However not knocking the brand but like Jay said "I'm addicted to this fly shit" not by the say company but this new Digi Jesuse piece by Akcent Pieces was just to ill to not put up. I love everything new, creative, and inventive that sticks with the original form but goes way left is just history to me. You can order these pieces at akcentpieces@gmail.com they are still underground so Get on game before somebody else does...

XV: Smallville

The homie XV has really been under the radar lately and all do respect i can't say that he is yet a classical artist but he is finding his own way and do his own thing. I'm started to vibe with his music though keep doing your thing homie if you feeling this and want more from the homie get "Vizzy Zone"

at http://rapradar.com/2010/09/09/new-mixtape-xv-vizzy-zone/

Wiz Khalifa x Short Dogg: On My Level

On My Level by Wiz Khalifa Ft. Too Short from on Vimeo.

Recently I thought the homie Wiz was slacking a bit on his game but as soon as i take my eye off the homie he never cease to amaze me by putting back out that G-music I can really vibe with...I'm highly anticipating his new drop "Rolling Papers" and "High School"...Be clear it's "TAYLOR MADE All YEAR"

Thursday, January 27, 2011

STALLEY: SLAP Featuring Rasad

STALLEY - "SLAPP" from on Vimeo.

Now this new homie Stalley is steadily putting out quality dope music...At first i was going to skip pass the trip because of the reuse of the homie Wiz track but when he dropped the verse and the beat switched up i couldn't do nothing but follow be on the look out for his album soon to drop "Intelligent Trunk Music"

FAM-LAY Back In Full Effect

Fam-Lay - YOUINSTANTLY from Illusive Media on Vimeo.

I was talking to my boy the other day about what ever happened to FAM-LAY the homie is more rare than a Nas album, but with singles...Whelp i guess he at it again the track is quite ill hopefully he puts out a mixtape this time....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I just love when VANS come out with some dope color ways this just make my closet look better and my wardrobe ten times nicer... These are a definitely a need to have for the spring and summer.

Nesby Phips: The Catchup

I can't say anymore then the Big homie has been putting out quality music for some years now you might catch him more so producing than rapping and if you really want to know who the Big Homie is he produce "Prioritize" of Pilot Talk.

check out the mixtape at http://limelinx.com/files/03552dedc195c286d816b4acb8394ed8

Kendrick Lamar previews new tracks:Vanity Slave pt. 2 feat. Gucci Mane and Top Sercet feat. J. Cole

I been on this kid for years and anything he puts out i'm willing to cosign on...The funny thing about it, is he is from Cali and i been putting Cali homies on him. I'm going to dub him "The Next Pac of Cali" already, his lyrical content is far past anyone who is in the game now....Keep doing your thing homie....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hot Sugar: Music Making


Usually on my searching the internet I always run by some dope artist doing something very creative to display themselves...This really caught my eye, rather my ears its dope the play of sounds is just genius....

Dame Dash: DREAMS

DREAMS - Damon Dash from on Vimeo.

I thought this was just a little dope excerpt from Dame on dreams and how to manifest them into reality...Follow your dreams...Work hard for dreams...Make your dreams reality...Thanks Big Homie

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ronnie Fieg:Sebago Nexus Project Boots

Everybody needs a fresh pair of quality insulated boots for the cold conditions and I believe every year Ronnie Fieg serves up some dope dishes for us. Last here he brought us the polo boots that everybody and their mama can't stop wearing or buying, now this year he presents us with some ill Sebago Limited Edition Nexus Project Boots that can't be denied of the visual flair. These defiantly are a premium add to anybody's collection hopefully if you all want them call the homie DAVIDZ.COM he might have 4 pairs left in stock...

Kids These Days: Darling

Kids These Days - Darling on Vimeo.

Ran pass these kids the other day on the daily policy internet researching mite I say and these lil homies are ill. With their mixture of hip-hop, blues, soul, and indie punk rock, blends a fine yet exquisite taste for anyone who love music i only heard a couple tracks that they have produce but i have yet to be disappointed. If you want to find more on these kids wait for their Hard Times EP slated to drop at the end of the week...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hajime Sorayama “1970-2010″ Exhibition at Gering & López Gallery

Gering & López Gallery
730 Fifth Avenue
New York NY 10019
Tel 646 336 7183
Fax 646 336 7185
Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm

Photography: Jacob Breinholt for Highsnobiety.com

New Artwork From BANKSY

During my daily dose of blogging i ran by this dope Street Artist from Berlin named BANKSY and whats really ill about him is that he places some of his artwork online for personal usuage (mind you personal usuage only not to sell) but if you love art or anything that is different check the homie out at....http://www.banksy.co.uk

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New HUF Time Piece

The homies at HUF are always putting out quality craftmanship and i really can't complain over none of the pieces the have branded. Coming into a new form they are presenting apartments pieces that any hipsters will have to have in their humble abode...If your looking for this time piece wait until late spring or get over to their pop up shop in SAN FRAN...otherwise check the homies at http://www.hufsf.com

MUNITIO 9MM Earphones

Quality over quanity is what i was told and now-a-days everybody is coming out with these massive headphones that are really just extremely bulky (no disrepect to DRE-BEATZ those are quality)...But where am i suppose to put them. I'm a light packer and I don'thave time to always carry around a backpack. MUNITIO has choosen to be the first to do a high end headphone piece; small, street, quality...The 3 qualities i always look for unless i'm buying a flatscreen TV. But checkout the head pieces from the homies usually run around $159 and only 500 pairs made...http://munitio.com/

BLVCK SCVLE 2011 Spring/Summer

Black Scale on Vimeo.

For those who have been living under a rock and have yet to see anything from BLVCK SCVLE Check out there upcoming 2011 Spring/Summer line. Their Brand speak for itself i'm just your pusher man...

Check My Homies Out....

Primitive 2011 Fall Preview

Now a days everybody thinks they can make big bucks off a t-shirt line or branding off this skateboard culture, what they fail to realize is that this is more than branding, a passion is built to from these great quality garments. It comes from years of experience, years of practice and years of seeing and knowing just what is fresh. Now in their second year PRIMITIVE is moving right along in their own. The clothing is branding off hip-hop, skateboard, and 90s Los Angles culture. Their Fall Line for upcoming 2011 is a def need in the Closet. So if you want the dope pieces go over to there flagship website... http://www.primitiveshoes.com

Looking forward to seeing more from homies....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa: That Good

With the first track off the O.G. Snoop and the new homie Wiz upcoming tape "High School" they present the net with a banger. The greener melody sounds lovely to the ears and you gotta feel this. So it's Taylor Gang or Die...you already know the motto download the track at http://hulkshare.com/2lj1d0hdd3o2

The Misadventures of Jose Cuervo, by Kwillstrumental

Now-a-days with all these self made artist and wack ass producers nobody is putting out real music anymore. Get back to the craft of hip-hop and why we love it so much so i'm hella glad to introduce you to my homie/ half brother Young Cuervo... Production by Kwillinstrumentals... also you lame as rappers out there please don't try and voice record your wack shit over this its already heavenly....so proud to say get on game before somebody else will...TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rick Ross feat. Masspike Miles "Hurt You So Good"

If you haven't heard this track it is most def a banger. For those who just like that luxury riding slow music this is defiantly for you, the O.G. Ross kills the intro and Miles voice just crushed the track. Don't know what tape this is on or when its really slated to drop but get up on game before somebody else will...TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN...download at http://hulkshare.com/1mqwlckamv41#

Rick Ross feat. Drake "MADE MEN"

I guess Ricky Rozay can't stop it... Always delivering new flavor for your ear the dude is always putting out gangsta shit and the boy Drake is always featured on some shit. S/O the two homies for staying on there p's and q's...download at http://hulkshare.com/4jfsewvmbvfu


Heres just more good music for the kids...Stalley is an up and coming artist out of Ohio signed with Dame Dash so don't think Jay is the only one building up a good team. The O.G. Dame is killing the underground scene but check the homie STAN out he is def putting out there some quality craft music...Believe that...Get on game before somebody else will...TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN..

Never Let Anyone Tell You NO

When I first watched this all I could think was drugs are something serious and this man is meth out. But when i continued to watch, this became very inspirational. Never let anyone tell you NO, Not the LAW, NOT your FRIENDS and not defiantly your FAMILY, you can do anything in this world if you really set you mind to it. All you gotta do is go at it but not everyone can do it on drugs hahahahahahaha.....

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Moruf - Ready To Live

I was always told its wise to keep your avenues open and never get boxed in... Well open your ears mugg fuggas let me introduce yall to some new shit...get off that punch line rap and get in to some real shit, people with some to say, so with that being said I introduce you to Moruf a young kid outta Jersey trying make his way into the music scene and putting out some quality craft, you can check the kid's tape "Ready to Live" right cha... http://www.mediafire.com/?id0vlz4do6x4s8l



I been hearing about these homies for the longest and ran past them a couple of times without even giving them the chance of day. However the homies are really putting together some dope: the beatz quality, the lyrics substantial... I really can complain or say anymore but check out the homies s/o to PROJECT MAYHEM...directed by coodie & chike

"You And I" (Ski Beatz Remix) (Video)

I ran across this during my average day of surfing the song is quite diff but Ski Beatz def did put his evil twist to it and big s/o to Dennis Feitosa and Alison Fishburn with the visual they couldn't have been done any better....Oh and the original song is done by Disco Biscuit check out the brand new flavor for ya ear....Get on Game before somebody else will...TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN

The Award Tour: Long John Knited Beanies

Everybody has been putting owt clothing for awhile but shit lacks substance and quality. If you in those cold climates don't forget to get you a fresh beanie for the break. The Award Tour def gives you that with NICE!!! prices for all you hipsters...check out the homies site theawardtour.com/cornerstore/ and also the http://madburyclub.com/

Dom Kennedy: 1997

If you never heard of the Producer/Now Self Claim Rapper... you need to check the homie owt don't believe in to much of his lyrics but the beats are sick...Get on game before somebody else will TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN...

Oprah Presents: Master Class w/ Jay-Z (Video)




Jay is the first to star on the Queen's new network (OWN. The Reality series shows the rise of superstars and how or what they did to achieve fame detailing the trials and tribulations of them. The spotlight is now on Jay who talks about success, love, God and his story; it is very inspirational if you have 28 minutes to sit down and watch...Check out if you have time it's very good...

Killa Kyleon: I GO IN (FREESTYLE)

Killa Kyleon - Bill Gates Freestyle from Vimeo.

Besides all that real shit now-a-days lets get back into some gangsta shit... If you haven't heard the OG Killa you def need to get up on game. Check the homie owt when he is slated to drop his second mixtape "Natural Born Killa 2" in the upcoming weeks....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kanye West: Monster

Everybody thinks Yeezy is on some crazy shit however most great artist are. Big s/o to Yeezy for producing great visuals for this track it couldn't have been put together any better.

Jay-z Interview with Charlie Rose

Unless you are sleeping under a rock

Jay-z Interview with Charlie Rose

Unless you are sleeping under a rock and have yet to see Charlie Rose interviewing Jay-z, here is a little bit of inspirational flavor for the New Year...Take it, digest it, make it your own, and become great...

Curren$y: Return Of The Winners Circle

1.01.11 Bitches...Happy New Year and spitta brings you 11 new tracks for the new year bang them in deck and hopefully you will become an winner...Get on game before somebody else will....http://usershare.net/2DopeBoyz/u70mta1oddgm